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PHP Bracket Challenge

In Progress

The project I'm most excited about is the php webapp for hosting a March Madness Bracket Challege. It is still in the works, but you can view the progress on my github page. This project is a greenfield rework of this project from sourceforge. My main goal is to clean up the source code and schema, as well as make it fully responsive. I'm also working on adding test coverage to it using Grunt, qunit, phpunit among other grunt-node plugins.

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This website

This site is a constant work in progress as I understand more about web development. I'll be using it as a playground to try out new technology. I'll try to point things out as I figure them out but no promises. My big thing right now on this site is Foundation, but most of my focus is on the php app. I should get it in a publish-able state soon.

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Vim Beginners Guide

Over the years I've learned a lot about vim, and more importantly how much there is still for me to learn about it. I'm going to start working on a noob-to-ninja guide on vim to hopefully help someone out. More on that soon...